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In line with the officially laid out mission for the University of Management and Technology, the PhD program offered by Department of Media & Communication is geared towards developing future scholars and visionary researchers among academicians and practitioners. The central focus of PhD is media & communication study at this department of UMT is the description and scientific analysis of how human beings create, transmit, receive and respond to messages. Basically it focus on the receive and the analysis of the media messages, that can work in both the ways. Basically the objective is to create the innovative ideas among the students so that they can think over it in terms of research by developing rational and creative thinking and to further analyze it to contribute positively for the media industry of this state. By emphasizing on it students who will complete PhD from this department will be able to meet the new challenges of this era and respond effectively to solve the problems at the social and governmental level. As Marshall Maclon emphasize that it is the medium that important rather than the message.




Preceding the Dissertation, the course work will be divided into two streams: Core courses, Major courses and Minor (elective) courses. The 4 core courses (12 credit hours) will develop an essential advanced level knowledge-base and skills-set required for successfully undertaking doctoral research. Building on students’ prior MPhil level learning, the core courses will bring complexity and precision about how the media realm is analytical and conceptualized. These compulsory courses are designed to provide necessary grounding in paradigmatic, methodological, theoretical and empirical aspects of doctoral research work. Students will select 4 Major Courses (12 credit hours) from a range of available courses having contemporary significance. Based on the seminar format, these courses are aligned to current major sub-fields in the discipline and have an analytical focus on pressing real-world issues. Finally, students will choose a Minor elective course (3 credit hours) from the PhD elective list offered by Dept. of Media & Communication.




The candidate must fulfill the minimum criteria of HEC for admission in PhD program. A minimum CGPA 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the Semester System) or First Division (in the Annual System) in MPhil/MS/Equivalent degree is required. Deficiency Courses for candidate who have the background of social sciences other than media.However the students who did not write thesis in Mphil/MS will not be eligible to take admission.Deficiency Courses will be attended by students with CGPA lesser than 3.0 above 2.75. Students will take 2 Deficiency Coursesas per offered by department including 1- Media, Culture & Society, 2- ResearchMethodology&3- Theories of media influence. Student having the International GRE with 60% Percentile Score will be accepted for admission otherwise the student will have to appear in subject test conducted by the department.Student must pass PhD entry exam developed by Department of Media and Communication.  (Exam will develop in the light of UMT and HEC policy guidelines).


Course work of 18 credit hours is required to be completed preferably in the first two semesters. The course work will be followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as PhD researcher. A certificate will be issued by University of Management and Technology after successful completion of coursework and comprehensive examination.Thestudent will develop a research proposal forPhD thesisafter the complication of course work and comprehensive exam. Student will submit research proposal to Departmental Research Committee for approval. Student will defend his/her research proposal infront of Departmental Research Committee, and then BASAR for final approval. This procedure will be completed in accordance with the HEC and UMT policy.PhD thesis will be prepared in accordance with APA style guide. Department of Media and Communication will provide detail thesis writing handbook/Manual to students.

First draft of completed Dissertation (app. 80,000 – 100,000 words) shall be submitted to the committee (after clearing the Plagiarism Test) in a minimum period of 2 years after comprehensive exam. The Dissertation will be evaluated by at least two PhD experts from technologically/academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local committee members. Along with clearing the Open Defense, acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in an HEC approved ‘X’ or ‘Y’  or JCR category journal is also a requirement for the award of PhD degree. A copy of PhD Dissertation (both hard and soft) must be submitted to HEC.

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