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Health Tests Seminar Success

Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Report Health Tests: A preventive strategy for a Healthy Life.
On 6th April 2019, The Department of Sociology celebrated World Health Day in The University of Management & Technology, partnering The Department of Sociology in this initiative was Pakistan Red Crescent Society Punjab, Phoenix Foundation for Research & Development (PFRD), Thalassemia Federation of Pakistan and Business Social Compliance Initiative. The theme of this seminar was Health Tests: A preventive strategy for a Healthy life, regular screening tests which are classified in managing health, monitor health for long term conditions and allow for interventions on any specific areas of need and make wellness initiatives even more beneficial and cost-effective. The Department of Sociology along with its partners offered the following tests:
1. Body Mass Index Calculation
2. Thalassemia Tests (CBC and other hemoglobin tests)
3. Hepatitis B and C Tests (PCR-1 and CBC)
4. Blood Pressure Test


The seminar began at 9:30 am, the teams arriving had their own equipment and staff. The Department of Sociology provided the venue which was 2S-46 and within no time students and faculty members had arrived to have their health tests conducted. A number of 80 individuals participated in the seminar and had their health tests done. The most popular Health Test was the Body Mass Index Calculation, more participants and faculty members had their Body Mass Index Calculated. The participants also received counselling sessions by the Psychologist Ms. Fauzia on Health issues present in the youth. The students and faculty members had arrived from The Education Department, The Sociology Department, The Psychology Department, The Aviation Department and the School of Health Sciences. The seminar concluded at 12:30 pm.
Faculty Members receiving Health Tests as part of the Seminar initiative.
A doctor performing blood pressure test on a participant.
Ms. Fauzia counselling a participant about nutrition.
The aim of the seminar Health Tests was to provide a safe and accessible environment for faculty, participants and staff to have their Free Health Tests conducted without any issues such as time, information divulgence, high prices of tests and no prior information about the detrimental effects of diseases. Although the seminar was a pilot test to check how the public would respond, it served as a pioneering initiative where numerous individuals had asked for the seminar to be conducted on a larger scale indicating the success of the seminar.
Dr. Sadjid Masood from the Education Department receiving Health Test.
Another participant from the Sociology Department receiving a Health Test.
Ms. Fauzia (psychologist) for the Health tests seminar
Dr. Muhammad Akhtar Rana in attendance to survey the seminar Health Tests
Superb turnout from participants who really engaged in the seminar proceedings
Activities at Seminar:
Along with the Health Tests being offered the Red Crescent Society Punjab offered counseling and nutritional plans as well and guidance in other areas of Health. The seminar concluded with motivational and informative talks given by our esteemed guests, Prof. Dr. Yasmin Raashid (General Secretary Pakistan Thalassemia Federation), Dr. Noor-Ul-Zaman Rafiq (Phoenix Foundation for Research and Development), Ms. Fauzia Saeed (Blood Camps in Charge PRC Punjab Branch) and Mr. Aqeel Haider Naqvi (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The guests spoke about disease prevalence increasing in Pakistan, the importance of screening tests, the future of Pakistan Health and most importantly what the public can do to make a difference. The Honorable Dean School of Social Sciences & Humanities, Chairperson Department of Psychology, Professor School of Social Sciences and Humanities Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar
Dr. Noor-Ul-Zaman and Mr. Naqvi briefing Dean SSSH Prof Dr. Rukhsana
Dean SSSH Prof Dr. Rukhsana and faculty visiting each Health Test.
briefed the crowd on the importance of Health Tests, the initiative of the Department of Sociology and Mental Health Illness prevalence in Pakistan. Concluding with a lucky draw prize distribution of fruit baskets to the registered participants.
Dr. Yasmine General Secretary of Thalassemia Federation Pakistan briefing the participants on the Health Effects of Thalassemia.
Dr. Noor-Ul-Zaman (Epidemiologist) briefing crowd on Communicable diseases prevalent in Pakistan.
Mr. Noor-Ul-Zaman briefing public on Hepatitis B and C.
Dean SSSH Prof Dr. Rukhsana Kausar concluding the seminar with a motivational speech of confidence to all in attendance.
The way forward and Future Plan:
As this was a pilot event, stress has been placed on the importance of such initiatives at UMT, therefore it is in the mandate of the Department of Sociology to organize a larger scale event in the foreseeable future and sign a memorandum of understanding with Punjab Red Crescent Society to render their services for the participants of UMT. There is also a plan for other Health Tests seminars to be conducted such as Thalassemia in the first week of May.
Prize distribution at the seminar by Dean SSSH Prof Dr. Rukhsana to participants.
The participants and faculty members of UMT joining hands to aid humanity in whatever way possible.


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