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MA Educational Leadership and Management (M.A. ELM)

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Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management (M.A. ELM) is an innovative degree program that provides an opportunity to practitioners who are aspiring to take leading academic or managerial roles in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Modules are designed to support participants wishing to improve their personal and professional leadership skills. Grounded in the rich educational leadership literature supplemented by extensive faculty expertise and experience, the program provides a balance of research, policy, and practice. Graduates of our program will have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of successful leaders ready to serve in national and internal organizations.

Key Features

Skills Based: Enriched with employability skills, IT, professional communication and pedagogy, research and problem solving skills.

Areas of SpecializationEducational Leadership Careers
  • Instructional Supervision
  • School Governance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance & Marketing
  • Managing Quality Schools
  • Managing Inclusive Schools
  • Assistant Principal
  • Principal
  • Department Heads
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Supervisor
  • Subject Coordinators
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Policy Maker

Total Fees: 150,000 Rs.

Why study at UMT?

Experienced faculty, exposure to best experts in the field, placement for administrative  practice in best of institutions in Lahore, interdisciplinary exposure, hi-tech facilities and curriculum embedded with e-learning and use of media and latest techniques and technologies, student care, scholarships and available funding makes UMT an excellent choice for you.



Dr. Seema Arif

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