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Psych Soc, the Academic Society – Introduction

Psych Soc is an academic Society that was started by HOD Psychology Department Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad. It is working under the supervision of hard working faculty of the department,was mentored by Miss Sidra Afzal and now is supervised by Dr. Tehmina Saqib. Since Psych Soc is ran by students who were selected after a comprehensive procedure. The executive body is re-selected every year from the respective department. Year after year talented students have been working for this society.

Last year, Psych Soc organized a three day workshop on how to deal with Autistic children. The highly informative workshop was an overwhelming success. Since this society does not entirely focus on academic learning but also organizes events which help students with their interpersonal skills. In addition to that, Psych Soc never ignores the fun part; hence they organized a one day recreational trip to Rana Resort which was thoroughly enjoyed by the students. Moreover, psychology students participated in the poster Competition held in Beacon House National University Lahore. The topic for poster competition was “Peace”, so, students with artistic minds participated in the Competition. Farewell and welcome party is a tradition in Student life so; to follow the beautiful tradition Psych Soc arranged party which followed a pure Punjabi theme. Students came in traditional dressing and “Lady” and “Gentleman” of the eve were awarded a prize which was given to the students who followed the theme creatively. Psych Soc also organized an intra-university quiz competition which was enthusiastically attended by a large number of psychology students. To appreciate the efforts of winning and runner up team certificates were given by Dean SSSH Dr. Abdul Hameed and on the same day a trip was organized to Wagha Border Lahore. Another farewell party was also organized by Psych Soc based on the theme of 1960’s. By following the tradition, awards were given to the “Lady” and “Gentlemen” of the eve who dressed up according to the theme. Orientation of Psych Soc was the last event organized by the team last year.

This year, Psych Soc organized a trip to walled city Lahore. A large number of psychology students joined this trip and enjoyed exploring the historical places and old Lahore. They visited Delhi Gate, Shahi Hammam Lahore Fort, and Food Street.

Since, the motto of Psych Soc is “Promoting excellence in Psychology “we have organized many events which show that how we are improving intrapersonal and interpersonal skills of Psychology students as well as promoting their knowledge in the field of Psychology. Insha’Allah we will keep doing our efforts to promote our Department and UMT.

PsySoc – At a Glance

Our Moto: Promoting excellence in Psychology
Our Goals: Extracurricular and Educational activities

Society Advisors:

  • Ms. Sidra Afzal (2014)
  • Dr. Tehmina Saqib (2015)

Executive Members:

(March 2013 till March 2014)

  • President: Naila Hammed
  • Vice president: Inam-ul-haq
  • General secretary: PalwashaNazar
  • Media Secretary: MisbahKanwal
  • Finance Secretary: Amber Zahra

Executive Members

(Session 2014 till 2015)

  • President: Inam.ul.haq
  • Vice President: PalwashaNazar
  • General Secretary: Tayyaba Afzal
  • Media secretary: IfrahMubashir
  • Sectary Public Relations: Maria Sana
  • Finance Secretary: WardahMahmood

Executive Members

(Session 2015 till 2016)

  • President: Kashmala Amin
  • General Secretary: Maria Sana
  • Creative Head: Sana Tahir
  • Media secretary: Maham Rizwan
  • Finance Secretary: HiraSajjad

Prior Activities

  • Three days workshop on AUTISM
  • RanaResort trip (one day)
  • Participated in poster competition (PEACE) at BeaconHouse National University Lahore.
  • Welcome and Farewell party (PUNAJBI THEME)
  • Wagah Border trip (one day)
  • Quiz competition within UMT
  • KalarKahar trip (one day)
  • Mam Huma farewell
  • 60’s theme Farewell and welcome Party
  • GCU University Mental Health Day ( 3 days event)
  • One day Academic tour to PMIH.
  • Cooperated with Masters Community and Mental health Day at UMT
  • Psych Soc Orientation
  • Trip to Walled City Lahore (one day)

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