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Admissions Open in BS Social Science

Thursday, September 29, 2022


Bachelor of Social Sciences degree with majors in International Relations,Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Economics,Education,English Language and Linguistics . BS Program is a day program and consists of 47 courses and a Research Project of 3 credit hour  with a total of 126credit hours.

Program Objectives:

Since the programme offers various areas of specializations, so after the successful completion of this program the prospective graduates of related areas of specializations are expected to: 

  1. Comprehend the philosophies of education and their applications in today’s teaching, management  and learning environment
  2. Have sound grounds in the psychology of learning & development of child and the ways how students learn
  3. Have knowledge of school, society and teacher and their role and impact on each other
  4. Have deeper understanding on how curriculum is designed to meet the national standards
  5. Use the Information Communication Technology (ICT) and instructional technology in teaching and learning process 
  6. Have expertise and deeper knowledge in their areas of specialization courses 
  1. Demonstrate comprehension of social issues in diverse fields.
  2. Acquaint for academic pursuits, particularly in Social Sciences.
  3. Follow an all-round training in social sciences
  1. Streamline the education of Political Science in Pakistan and bring it in line with the international standard.
  2. Exhibit knowledge of political science.
  3. Develop an educated community which is equipped with the potentials to cope effectively with the challenges of modern world.
  4. Show expertise in areas as diverse as clinical behavior problems, child development, workplace violence, self-esteem, racial prejudice, memory, decision making, mental illness, cognition and effect of different drugs on the brain.
  5. Learn to critically evaluate "common sense" knowledge about how people function.
  6. build a solid base in the field of Economics,
  7. Show better understanding of the subject to act as responsible citizens.
  8. Transmit knowledge of the structure and function of language and its use and change in various cultural and social settings
  9. Show critical thinking skills, analytical skills, and reading, writing and research skills
  10.  Develop an understanding of the relationship between linguistic theories and areas such as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, language acquisition and learning, and language policy.
  11. Show appreciation for the diversity and dynamic nature of human languages and cultures in Pakistan and the world
  12. Demonstrate knowledge of key areas and theories of international relations as a discipline.
  13. Evaluate people and institutions who have played a lead role in shaping international relations.
  14. Analyze internationals issues from various perspectives and display understanding with Program Scheme of Studies

Scheme of Study:

General Education Courses

13 Courses (39 Cr. Hrs.)

  1. Breadth

06 Courses (18 Cr. Hrs.)

  1. Foundational Skills-

05 Courses (15 Cr. Hrs.)

  1. Civilization

02 Courses (06 Cr. Hrs.)

Disciplinary Requirements

20 Courses (60 Cr. Hrs.)

  1. Major

15 Courses (45 Cr. Hrs.)

  1. Minor

05 Courses (15 Cr. Hrs.)

Distribution Courses

06 Courses (18 Cr. Hrs.)


01 Course (03 Cr. Hrs.)

Quran Translation

08 Courses (06 Cr. Hrs.)

University Required Courses

02 Courses (Zero Cr. Hrs.)

Total Credit Hours


Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:

(Minimum Criteria for Admission)

  1. 45% marks in higher secondary certificate-HSC/intermediate/A-level/12 years education or equivalent
  2. 45% marks in secondary school  certificate/ matriculation /O-level/10 years education or equivalent
  3. Qualifying admission test as per HEC/UMT policy

Duration (Years of study):   

Four Years


Eight Semesters

Degree Qualifying CGPA








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