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PhD Special Education


PhD in Special Education is specially developed in accordance with national needs and changing international challenges. It aims to produce leaders in the field to explore the knowledge frontiers.

Another purpose of the program is to promote research on disability and its pedagogy. The course work of this program is grounded in research across a variety of methodological traditions and theoretical orientations


The program gives a solid foundation in research, policy, pedagogy, and develops a practical understanding and relevant skills required for professionals in special education. Four courses are core courses for developing understanding of philosophical and psychological foundations of education.

Current research trends in education and educational approaches to accommodate human diversity in the classroom will be discussed. Two courses are included to strengthen the knowledge of special education. Inclusive education policy and its legal and ethical issues will also be discussed.

Program Credit Hours

Credit hours of the programs are 45. Coursework comprises of 18 credit hours and research 27 credit hours.

Core Courses

  1. Philosophical Perspectives of Education
  2. Social & Political Contexts of Education
  3. Research Trends in Education
  4. Educational Approaches to Accommodate Human Diversity

Specialization Courses

  1. Research, Theory and Practice in Inclusive Education
  2. Policy, Legal and Ethical Issues in Disability

Research Work

  1. Dissertation

Duration of Study

Candidates may complete the program in 3 years on a regular basis

Entry Requirements

Entry to the program is managed in a case to case basis. In broad terms admission is available to those who have 3.00 CGPA in MPhil Special Education or Education

Fee Structure

Admission Fee: Rs 20000
Library Fee: Rs 5000
Tuition Fee: Rs 375,000


Dr. Seema Arif

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