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Associate degrees are typically 2-year programs.

An Associate Degree is a two-year undergraduate academic degree that is awarded by both the private and public colleges and universities. It is a post-intermediate academic degree that focuses on a respective field chosen by the students. Associate degrees are typically 2-year programs.

An associate degree in BS Special Needs Education Program is to facilitate the development of supportive, effective, and culturally responsive environments for individuals with special needs and their families.BS Special Needs Education Program at University of Management and Technology is to improve educational opportunities and services for the following individuals and their families.

  • Students at risk of school failure
  • Persons with Special Needs/exceptionalities
  • Others facing significant life challenges

Program Objectives

The program objectives are to:

  • To promote awareness and advocacy for children and youth with special needs from diverse backgrounds that foster collaborative relationships among families and professionals.
  • To promote quality educational services and programs for persons with special needs.
  • To advocate for the needs of children and youth with special needs and their families.
  • To encourage research and professional growth as vehicles for better understanding of emotional or behavioral & other disorders.
  • To disseminate relevant and timely information through professional meetings, training programs, publications, and other media.
  • To provide professional support for persons who are involved with and serve children and youth with special needs.
  • To engage in efforts to reduce racial, cultural and gender over-representation among children and youth with special needs.


Program Scheme of Studies

Eligibility Criteria:

(Minimum Criteria for Admission)

14 years of formal education with minimum 2nd Division


2.5 Years


Semester Duration

16 Weeks (5 Semester)

General Admission Requirements for Students

The candidates must fulfill following criteria for the “Lateral entry” in BS in Special Needs Education:

  • 14 years of education (BA/BSc/ Associate degree or equivalent) with 45% marks or CGPA of 2.00. 
  • Candidates with disabilities are also equally eligible

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