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State is an alternative term used for apolitically organized society. The question whether a society is politically organized or otherwise is dependent on the extent to which the citizens, as one of the constituent elements of state, are conscious of their rights and duties towards the polity. The 4 year Integrated Program for BS in Political Science seeks to achieve the aforesaid objectives. It is designed to streamline the education of Political Science in Pakistan and bring it in line with the international standard.
The course is designed to broaden the knowledge of graduates in diverse fields of political science. For this purpose, different streams of specialization have been provided to be opted by the students in the last two semesters. The program aims at the development of an educated community which is equipped with the potentials to cope effectively with the challenges of modern world.


BS Political Science at UMT aims to provide students the insight and the confidence to view the world and its history from a fresh perspective. It will provide a broader perspective and theoretical foundations to its students so that they can analyze contemporary and future international issues and be able to offer innovative solutions for global peace, harmony and cooperation.


In addition to providing basic knowledge of Political Science, this program will focus on developing critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and communication and collaboration skills in its participants. Moreover special emphasis will be placed on building individuals capable of meeting challenges of contemporary professional life.

Career Prospects

A degree in Political Science can lead to exciting careers in Civil Service especially Foreign Service, International Organizations e.g. UN and its Agencies, print and electronic media, Pakistan Military and Air Force, NGOs, govt. and private think tanks; and educational and research institutions. Recently government has offered jobs as Young Parliamentary Associates (YPA) to Political Science graduates providing them an opportunity to become a part of government’s policy making process.

Admission Requirement

12-years of formal education with minimum 2nd division.

Duration: 4 years
Semesters: 8
Credit Hours: 132

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