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The concept of leadership dates back to antiquity still robust at present among all people of the world regardless of culture or organizational context. The field of educational leadership and management is pluralist, with many competing perspectives and an inevitable lack of agreement on the exact nature of the discipline. The course offers a broad perspective to view various leadership theories and practices keeping that pluralist vision in mind. The course introduces participants to theory as well as national and international educational practices. Participants can then connect these considerations with their own experiences and, through dialogue and the sharing of ideas and information, broaden their knowledge, and enhance their capabilities. The course also provides an opportunity for participants to develop specialized research skills as a foundation for further professional investigation in the substantive area of educational leadership. The program offers challenging curricula, a variety of teaching-learning methodologies and a supportive academic environment to meet its objectives. The large pool of in-house PhDs in various Schools of UMT, including the School of Social Sciences and Humanities provides interdisciplinary discussion in the areas of common interest, whilst widening the learning horizons of the students.


  • 16 years of Education

Preference for

  • B. Ed ELM

Candidates having 16 years of education in other disciplines may apply. They will have to take some additional pre-requisite courses.

Program Requirements

  • Duration = 02 years
  • Total 30 credit hours
  • Course work = 24 credit hours
  • Research = 06 credit hours

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