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Gender Studies is a discipline that has emerged out of historical movements for emancipation, equality, justice and representation of discriminated. This background has enabled the discipline to remain committed to the inter-relation of theory and practice. MPhil in Gender Studies is a research-focused program which banks on interdisciplinary methodology and aims to explore the intersections of feminist studies, masculinity studies and queer studies, to produce meaningful research. Research undertaken in the program focuses on diverse ways in which gender and gender roles, gender symbols and archetypes, and contribution of the same in cultural change is understood.


The MPhil in Gender Studies programs aims to bring an understanding of the intersectionality of race, sex, class, caste, nationality and ethnicity with gender to recognize the construction of human identity and roles. The focus of the program is to maintain an interdisciplinary and trans-historic focus so that diverse cultural, political, social and economic representation can be achieved and participants may be prepared for leadership and strategic roles for an effective contribution to development. One major concern of the program is to enable participants to carry out extensive research on women empowerment, advancement and education; gender mainstreaming; and social & legal issues affecting the fundamental human rights of women.

Career opportunities

Gender Studies education provide a diversity of learning experience, enabling participants to be good leaders in a wide variety of occupations which include and is not limited to teaching and research; social work and human services; consultancy and policy planning in Governmental and corporate sectors; Advocacy; Educational Administration; Media and Public Relations etc.

Program Details

  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Semesters: 4 (2 Semester Course Work + 2 Semester Research Work)
  • Total Credit Hours: 30 (24 +6)
  • Total Fee: Rs.
  • Program Type: Morning/Afternoon

Entry Requirements

  • 16 Years of education (BS/MA or equivalent)) in any of Social Sciences / Humanities /Liberal Arts
  • 2.50 CGPA/ 50 %
  • Interview Performance

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