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MPhil Special Education

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MPhil Special Education is uniquely designed to cater for the needs of consultants, researchers and academic leaders in the field of special education. This program mounts a strong commitment to excellence in teacher education and professional development.

The curriculum and instructional methodology are benchmarked to international standards. Current lines of research in the field of special needs education are explored and participants of the program are encouraged to develop both vision and capacity to undertake emerging issues and problems to work out indigenous solutions.

Foreign trained faculty is hired to transform the program into an exemplary seat of learning


The program gives a solid foundation in research, policy, pedagogy, and develops a practical understanding and relevant skills required for professionals in special education.Four general courses develop research expertise and critical thinking to review education practices at macro level such as educational policies, funding and quality assurance in education.

Four courses are offered to enrich theoretical as well as practical knowledge in special education. This stream includes comparative special education, differentiated curriculum and instruction, current lines of research in special needs education and advanced studies of any one disability ranging from intellectual impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments to physical impairment.

Program Credit Hours

Credit hours of the program are 30. Coursework comprises of 24 credit hours whereas research carries 6 credit hours.

Research Work

  1. Thesis

Duration of Study

Candidates may complete the program in 2 years on a regular basis.

Entry Requirements

Entry to the program is managed in a case to case basis. In broad terms admission is available to those who meet the following requirements.

  • Master degree in Special Education
  • Master degree in Psychology
  • Master degree in Education

Fee Structure

Admission Fee Rs 20000
Library Fee

Rs 5000

Tuition Fee Rs 275,000 (Payable in 8 equal quarterly installments

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