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PhD IR Admission Test

General Guidelines


Admission Process


The screening of prospective candidates will be based on;

a) Previous academic record – all details, documents should be attached with admission form – minimum eligibility criteria set by HEC should be fulfilled.

a)  Admission Test – 100 marks -- 70% score in the test is required to qualify for the interview.

c) Interview – 50 marks


Admission Test


Objective: A Diagnostic test that aims to evaluate candidates’ ability in the following areas;

a)       Reading comprehension, critical, analytical ability

b)      Research Orientation and Writing ability

c)      Knowledge of the subject and research methods in Social Sciences





Total marks 100 – Time Allowed: 2.5 hrs.


The test will consists of a combination of MCQs, short and long questions.


The following areas will be included. The exact weightage of each part can vary.




-          Reading Comprehension, Critical, Analytical Ability - One or two reading passages will be given (content related to IR / related fields) with questions.



-          Research Methodology, Research Orientation and Writing ability  


           This section will be further divided into two parts;


         Part A - Knowledge of Social Research Methods

         Part B – Writing of a tentative research proposal that includes your original research idea ,    how you plan to explore it , why is it worth exploring



-          Knowledge of the Subject


This section will include questions from key areas of the subject including;


-          International Relations Theory

-          Foreign Policy of Pakistan

-          Current Affairs 

-          Modern World History

-          Basic International Relations



Interview – 50 marks.


Successful candidates will appear in the interview to be taken by Dept. Graduate Committee.

Each member of the committee will assess the candidate and decide his/her score after mutual consultation.



Some Basic Guidelines


IR Theory


Candidates are expected to be familiar with a range of theoretical perspectives in IR including;


-          Realism – all variants

-          Liberalism – all variants

-          The English School

-          Constructivism

-          Marxism / Neo Marxism

-          Critical Theory

-          Post Structuralism

-          Feminism

-          Post colonialism

-          Great Debates in IR Theory


Research Methods


Candidates are expected to be familiar with;

-          Major Types of Social Research

-          Components of a research proposal / dissertation

-          Difference between Qualitative and quantitative approaches

-          Qualitative and Quantitative Sampling


                                                    MPhil Political Science MCQs Test



  1.   A commentary on Plato’s Meno Book was written by:

A.Paul Shorey                                                                      B. Jacob A Kline

C. G Valstos                                                                         D. A.E. Taylor 

J.S Mill wrote a famous book 'On Liberty' in the year:

A.1759                                                                                   B.  1859

C. 1895                                                                                  D None of these

Karl Marx had everlasting friendship with a son of a prominent textile manufacturer of Barman,who brought many changes in Karl Marx's life.His name was:
A Friedrich Engel                                                                B.  Friench Hegal
C.  Herbert Spencer                                                             D None of these

US constitution consists of
A six articles.                                                                       B five articles.
C seven articles.                                                                   D None of these

According to Plato, the population of the State should be about:

A.5000                                                                   B.6000

C. 7000                                                                                 D. 8000

Will, not force, is the basis of state' was stated by:

  1. Hegel                                                                              B. Green
  2. Bosanquet                                                                    D. Kant
  3. External aspect of sovereignty was fully developed by
    1. John Austin                                                                   B. Grotius
    2. Bodin                                                                             D. Hobbes
    3. Which of the following is not an essential characteristic of sovereignty?
      1. Permanence                                                                  B. Exclusiveness
      2. All comprehensiveness                                              D. Wealth
      3. Fascist movement first of all developed in

A.Germany                                                                           B. USSR

C. England                                                                            D. Italy

The Fascist Philosophy helped in:

A.Unification of Italy                                                         B. Unification of Germany

C. Communist rising in U.S.S.R                                       D. Parliamentary reforms in England

Socrates says that "all that the soul endures, if directed by _______ ends happiness.

A.Virtue                                                                 B. Wisdom

C. Prophets                                                                           D. Truth

Socrates believed that knowledge is the same thing as ______ or excellence and is always good

A.Virtue                                                                 B. Knowledge

C. Faith                                                                                 D. Belief

How many members were there in the first constituent Assembly of Pakistan when it was set up

A.59                                                                                       B.69

C.79                                                                                       D.89

Who was the first President of the first Constituent Assembly?

A.Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din                                 B. Maolvi Tameezuddin 

C. Quaid E Azam Sardar                                                   D. Abdul rab Nishter

Demos' and 'Cratio' are the words of language

A.Roman                                                                              B. Latin

C. French                                                                              D. Greek

Who said that democracy is the Government of the people for the people and by the people?

A.Herodotus                                                                         B. Dicey

C.Lincoln                                                                              D. None of These

Land of direct democracy is

A.India                                                                                  B. Britain,

C. France                                                                              D. Switzerland

Which article of 1973 constitution makes compulsory Local Government System in Pakistan

A.140                                                                                     B. 147

C. 158                                                                                    D. 241

Public opinion means

A.Opinion of the majority which                                     B. Majority opinion

takes into consideration the

interests of all

C. Opinion of elites of the society                                    D. None of These

The world justice has been derived from 'justitia' which belong to language

A.English                                                                               B. Latin

C. French                                                                              D. German



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