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The PhD program offered by Department of Media & Communication is geared towards developing future scholars and visionary researchers among academicians and practitioners. The central focus of PhD is media &communication study at this department of UMT is the description and scientific analysis of how human beings create, transmit, receive and respond to messages. Basically it focus on the receive and the analysis of the media messages, that can work in both the ways. Basically the objective is to create the innovative ideas among the students so that they can think over it in terms of research by developing rational and creative thinking and to further analyze it to contribute positively for the media industry of this state. By emphasizing on it students who will complete PhD from this department will be able to meet the new challenges of this era and respond effectively to solve the problems at the social and governmental level.

Eligibility / Admission Criteria  

As per UMT and HEC PolicyThe minimum CGPA should be 3.00 or first division (in the Annual System) in M.Phil./M.S/Equivalent degree is required.

Admission Test

  • Student having the International GRE with 60% Percentile Score will be accepted  for admission otherwise the student will have to appear in subject test conducted by the department.
  • Student must pass PhD entry exam developed by Department ofMedia and Communication.  (Exam will develop in the light of UMT and HEC policy guidelines).

Deficiencies Courses if required:

  • Deficiency Courses for candidate who have the background of social sciences other than media.
  • However the students who did not write thesis in MPhil will not be eligible to take admission.
  • Deficiency Courses will be offered to students  with CGPA equal or greater than 3.0.
  • Students who fall under the above mentioned points will have to study Media, Culture & Society, Research Methodology & Theories of influence as the deficiencies courses.

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