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The MA English program at DELL derives its uniqueness from being a merger of three distinct but related fields which are literature, linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT). The focus remains on literature; however, the ultimate goal is to lay down a solid foundation on which the students can build later on, in the field(s) of their own choice. The program is designed to allow the students to go through comprehensive and rigorous coursework simultaneously in literature and linguistics. The students can also acquaint themselves with the basic theories and practices of ELT, by taking a couple of introductory courses in this field. Hence, the literary, scientific, theoretical and pedagogical skills of the student are sharpened at the same time.

The program extends up to 4 semesters over the period of two years and students have to take 6 courses each semester. Each course earns the student 3 credit hours which enables them to accumulate 72 credit hours in total. It is not obligatory for student to write a thesis at the end of their coursework.

Rationale of the Program

Pakistan is an emerging economy, where the medium of instruction is English. The country needs English language teachers and experts, who are capable of successfully teaching English language at school and college levels to various types of students, especially science students. Given the global significance of English as a language of mass communication and science, the responsibility of these teachers and experts is doubled. It remains not just to teach English but also to prepare the students to communicate successfully in English with people across the globe. Similarly, the English language teachers and experts should also be able to impart the theoretical and scientific knowledge produced all over the world in English language, including the knowledge of linguistics and apply it to their own linguistic and cultural context. In addition to this, the teaching of literature in English must not be ignored. It is imperative to sharpen the critical thinking and writing skills of students at all levels and to develop an aesthetic sense among them.

Program Objectives

  1. Equip the students with the basic literary, theoretical and scientific knowledge of English language.
  2. Equip the students with the basic pedagogical skills required to teach English language.
  3. Lay a solid foundation among students for advance learning in linguistics and literature.
  4. Prepare the students to successfully avail the various types of job opportunities available for them.

Core Courses

  • History of English Literature
  • 18th& 19th Century Novel
  • Classical Poetry 
  • Non-Fiction Prose (Renaissance, Victorian, Twentieth Century)
  • Short Story
  • Classical Drama
  • Romantic to Modern Poetry
  • 20th Century Novel
  • Modern Drama
  • Postcolonial Literature
  • Literary Criticism
  • Literary Stylistics Analysis
  • Language Learning Theories and Practices
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Phonetics & Phonology
  • Morphology & Syntax
  • Research Methodology
  • Psychology & Sociology of Language
  • Semantics & Pragmatics
  • Teaching Literature
  • Postmodern Literature
  • Critical Theory

Elective Courses

  • 21st Century Literature
  • Fundamentals of Translation Studies
  • European Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • Language and Literacy
  • Language and Gender
  • Language, Culture and Identity
  • World English
  • Lexical Studies
  • American Literature

Total credit Hours

72 credit hours

Career Prospects

MA English graduates have a bright career ahead of them. Many of them are working as language teachers after the completion of their degree. However, it is incorrect to think of MA English graduates only as language teachers. Other potential careers for MA English include content writing, translation & interpretation, curriculum design and teacher training, language-related jobs in print and electronic media, public relations, civil service, etc.

Admission Criterion 

BA English (min. 50% marks) or any other equivalent degree











BA English (min. 2nd Division) or

any other equivalent degree


Total Fee

Rs. 350000


Dr Muhammad Shaban
[email protected], [email protected] 

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