Academic Programs

MA Special Education - Core Courses

Overview Core Courses

Fourteen Compulsory Courses (42 credit hours) 

  1. SNE-501   Human Exceptionalities 
  2. SNE-503   Foundations of Special Education
  3. SNE-506   Inclusive Education: Theory and Practice
  4. SNE-509   Assessments and Evaluation
  5. SNE-512   Early Childhood Special Education
  6. SNE-515   Life and Learning
  7. SNE-518   Human Development
  8. SNE-521   Adaptations in Curriculum and Instruction
  9. SNE-524   Differentiated Teaching in Regular Classroom
  10. SNE-527   Research Methods in Special Education
  11. SNE–530   Teaching of Reading and Writing
  12. SNE–533   Computer Applications in Special Education
  13. SNE–536   Policy, Management and Administration in Special Education
  14. SNE–539   School – Community Collaborative Development

B. Pedagogical Area of Specialization (6 credit hours)

(Select two courses from any one area of pedagogical specialization)

 Teaching of Science and Math’s

  1. SNE-600          Teaching of Science
  2. SNE-601          Teaching of Math’s
  3. SNE–602         Teaching Science and Math to Special Needs

 Teaching of Urdu, Islamic/Social Studies

  1. SNE –605        Teaching of Urdu
  2. SNE – 606       Teaching of Islamic Studies
  3. SNE – 607       Teaching of Social Studies

 Teaching of English, Urdu/Social Studies

  1. SNE –608        Teaching of English
  2. SNE –609        Teaching of English
  3. SNE – 610       Teaching of Urdu

C. Professional Area of Specialization Modules (9 credit hours)

Three courses from any one area of professional specialization 

Hearing Impairment

  1. SNE- 615         Deafness and Hearing Disorders                  
  2. SNE- 630         Educational Audiology
  3. SNE- 645         Teaching Speech and Auditory Skills

Visual Impairment

  1. SNE-620          Visual Impairment
  2. SNE-635          Low Vision and Partially Sightedness
  3. SNE-650          Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired   

Mental Retardation and Developmental Delays

  1. SNE-625          Mental Retardation
  2. SNE-640          Learning Disabilities
  3. SNE-655          Autism Spectrum Disorders 

D. Internship/ Teaching Practice (9 credit hours)

  1. SNE-660         Teaching Practice   l
  2. SNE-665          Teaching Practice   ll
  3. SNE-670          Teaching Practice   lll

E. Theses / Research Project (6 Credit hour)

  1. SNE-610   Master’s Thesis will be offered in the last semester in the professional areas of specialization.

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