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MPhil Applied Linguistics


The MPhil Applied Linguistics program is one of the most successful research programs of the university and a large number of graduates have successfully completed their MPhil program from DELL.

The MPhil scholars are required to study eight courses, over a period of three semesters. They study a core course each on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods to prepare to do research and thesis writing. Other core courses include General Linguistics, Phonetics & Phonology, Syntactic Theory, Semantics & Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics. These courses are designed to cover the basic levels of linguistic analysis and explore the functions of language in society. The eight courses earn the scholars a total number of 24 credit hours; each course earns them 3 credit hours individually. After accumulating 24 credit hours through coursework, the MPhil scholars are required to write a thesis of minimum 20,000 words, on a topic of their own choosing, which is original and relevant to their intellectual and social context. The thesis earns the scholars a total of 6 credit hours and its completion is a prerequisite for the completion of MPhil degree. The research work in thesis is conducted under the supervision of an officially nominated supervisor.

Rationale of the Program

Pakistan is a diverse multilingual and multicultural country. There are multiple regional languages spoken across the country apart from the national language Urdu and official language English. Some of these languages are documented and codified while others are not. This sort of linguistic diversity and the use of multiple languages alongside each other for different professional and communicative purposes warrant careful language policy and planning. It also provides space for research in the field of language teaching, language documentation and codification, as well as an ample opportunity for linguists to do a comparative and contrastive analysis of the structure of different languages, their functions and interaction in the context of Pakistani society. Hence, the need of degree program designed to study language structure and language use is imperative. In this regard, the MPhil Applied Linguistics program at Department of English Language & Literature is indispensable.

Program Objectives

  1. Equip the students with the latest knowledge and skills required in the field
  2. Enable the students to solve real-life problems related to language in a professional way
  3. Enable the students to reflect on the structure of language and theories of language acquisition and to make original contributions to them

Core Courses

  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Quantitative Research Methods

Selective Courses

  • General Linguistics
  • Advance Phonetics & Phonology
  • Syntactic Theory
  • Semantics & Pragmatics
  • Sociolinguistics

Elective Courses

  • Research in Applied Linguistics
  • Approaches to Language Acquisition
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • ELT Management
  • Language Pedagogy
  • Multiculturalism
  • Technology in Language Teaching
  • Translation Studies
  • Adaptation Studies
  • Emerging Issues in ELT
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Applied Lexicology
  • Advancement in Second Language Acquisition
  • Developments in Syntactic Theory

Thesis (compulsory)

Thesis (minimum 20,000 words)

Career Prospects

MPhil graduates have a bright career ahead of them. Many MPhil scholars are working as language teachers during the course of their degree. However, it is incorrect to stereotype MPhil Applied Linguistics graduates as language teachers. Indeed, they can look forward to a very bright career in various professional fields. However, a lot depends on the scholars themselves, i.e., how innovative they prove themselves to be in real-life situations. Potential careers for MPhil graduates may include jobs related to policy making with reference to the role of language in a multilingual Pakistani society, content writing, translation & interpretation, curriculum design and teacher training, research work in the field, language-related jobs in print and electronic media  etc.

Admission Criterion

BS English (minimum CGPA 2.5) or MA English (minimum 45% marks) or any other equivalent degree. Admission test and interview.











BS English (min. CGPA 2.5) or

MA English (min. 45% marks) or

any other equivalent degree.

Admission Test and Interview

Total Fee:

Rs. 450000

Guidelines for MPhil Thesis 

Research Areas for MPhil Thesis


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