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MPhil Psychology


M-Phil Psychology Program with 33 Credit Hours of work takes 2 years to complete. It is a graduate psychology program. There are 5 courses which are compulsory for all students, another 2 elective courses, an internship and a thesis. Two elective courses can be taken either in the area of Counseling Psychology and Organizational Psychology.

Subject to passing the above courses students will take up one semester internship and two semester thesis in the area of their choice / concentration to consolidate their learning.


  1.  Must have 16 years of education: MSc in Psychology or BS (Honors) in Psychology 
  2.  Must pass admission Test & Interview to assess their understanding of Psychology
Scheme of Studies
Quantitative Research Methods
Contemporary Perspectives in Psychology
Counseling Psychology
Statistical Analysis for Social Sciences Research (SASR)
Qualitative Research Methods
Industrial /Organizational Psychology
Psychological Assessment
Seminar in Contemporary Knowledge & Issues in Psychology and Pakistan perspective
Thesis (6 credit hours)

Course Instructions

Taught courses take 16 weeks to complete comprising lectures, in-class discussions, and assignments. There are about 10 -12 assessments in a course including labs, practicum and field projects. For some of the courses workshops, seminars, and special lectures by guest speakers are also arranged. Internship is graded towards CGPA.

Research Work / Thesis:

Students who pass in the compulsory and elective courses will take up research work preferably in the area of their concentration /elective subjects in the 3rd & 4th semesters Approval of the thesis by the Board of Examiners shall be mandatory for award of degree.


The MPhil program is employment oriented. The graduates would have a fair chance of getting a job in Psych-Counseling settings OR they can be employed as Psychometrician / Psychologist in HR settings: ISSB, Public Service Commission or an HR setting in a private sector. All graduates with this degree may also choose to take up career as Teaching or Research.


Lab facilities exist here for practicum work. Junior students sign up for experiments and psych tests for experience. A collection of over 300 psychology books and electronic database of research journals are among other vital resources available on campus.

Presently, there are 6 full time faculty members including 2 PhD. Other professionals associated with hospitals and research organizations are associated to supervise internship.


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