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The M. Phil. Degree program which has witnessed its commencement at UMT in the Spring Semester, 2013, envisages the provision of comprehensive grounding in mass media research necessary for studying, analyzing and understanding media and communication process and its effects in social, cultural, economic and political context. The course is also designed to equip the fledgling media scholars with the knowledge about the application of statistical tools for the purpose of data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

The program provides a unique blend of practical skills with critical analysis. The courses have been designed to meet existing professional standards as well as exploring ways in which creative ideas and new technologies can be combined, enhanced and redefined.

The program's prominent aspect is its focusing the media professionals and graduates seeking careers in media industries ranging from management slots within the growing media and content industries. Fundamental managerial and strategic skills courses are also designed to help students cope with the rapidly revolving and complex world of international media enabling them to derive solutions to a wide range of commercial and organizational problems.

The course is based on integrated lectures with seminar presentations to prepare the students for transition from study to work. The M. Phil. Program In Media and Communication, comprising two years' class-work, is based on 30 total credit hours, which include 24 credit hours for course work and six credit hours for thesis. The detailed structure of the program is given in the page to following.

Who can benefit:

  • M.A degree holders
  • Working Journalists
  • New and current affairs people in broadcast media
  • Mass Communication researchers
  • Media managers in business
  • Media owners
  • Advertising and PR managers
  • Media entrepreneurs

Professional linkage:

The Faculty of Media and Communications emphasizes close interaction with individuals working in all communication fields, professional news organizations and other educational institutions.

Career Opportunities:

After completing M. Phil degree program from UMT, you are likely to find employment opportunities in the following areas:

  • Editorial positions at press, broadcast and web media outlets
  • Managerial positions in media
  • Public relation firms or PR departments of corporations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Establishing new businesses
  • Teaching or researching mass communication


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