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BS Early Childhood Education (BS ECE)

Overview Entry 12 Years of Education Entry 14 Years of Education

Road Map for 2 years BAECE

Entry: After 14 years of education

(Evening/Weekend Program)

  • Minimum qualification (BA in any subject)
  • Exemption of  maximum 60 credits according to HEC criteria
  • All exemptions are conditional; exemptions will be granted after evaluation of the BSc transcript.
  • 72 credits to be completed with us for awarding of the degree
  • Course Fees 200,000

Year 1

Semester 1Semester 2
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse CodeCourse Title
ED 201 Education I (classical Approach towards Education) ED 202 Modern trends in Teaching
ED 203 Fundamentals of Curriculum ED 310 Instructional Techniques and Methodologies
ED 307 Teachers Research ED 335 Educational Assessment and Measurement
ED 240 Creating an Early Childhood Environment ED 243 Family Dynamics
ED 242 Children Health and Safety ED 245 Developing indoor and outdoor activities for children
Summer Break Ethics Professional Practice ED613 Non-Credit Course
Introduction to SPSS and ENVIVO

Year 2

Semester 3Semester 4
Course CodeCourse TitleCourse CodeCourse Title
ED 334 Educational Psychology ED 353 Development of Creativity in Early Years
ED 306 Research Methods ED 352 Promoting Self Management in Kids
ED 311 Integration of Technology in Pedagogy Specialization Elective 2
ED 241 Teaching in Early Years Specialization Elective 3
Specialization Elective 1 Specialization Elective 4
Summer Break Professional Communication Non-Credit Course 2
Academic Writing

Teacher Practicum may be completed during 3rd or 4th Semester

Practicum Report = 3

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