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The Department of Education of School of Social Sciences and Humanities is offering four years BS Honors degree program in Science Education. This four years degree program in Science Education hopes to bring students in streamline of modern education through rigorous training and skill building. It will enable the graduates to enter the profession or pursue further higher education MS/MPhil leading to PhD in the desired field of Science Education. Following the tradition of ILM, UMT aims to fulfill the promise of quality education, ethical and moral training and secure future to its graduates.

A key feature of this course is the equal emphasis given to both the theoretical groundings of science education and the practical application of knowledge and skills in a wide range of science settings. Conducted as a coordinated program of professional expertise, the experiences allow the pre-service teachers to make the connection between theory and practice at all important junctures, while building both professional and employability skills in a caring educational environment. In addition, pre-service teachers will enjoy the opportunity to tailor their learning experience by specializing in their preferred areas of interest.


Areas of specialization

The program offers six unique streams of specialization to become a subject specialist in exclusive teaching of a single discipline, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and IT, or choose a combination of any two of the above discussed programs.

Why study BS Honors in Science Education with UMT?

Teaching science is an extremely rewarding career currently being highest in demand. Experienced faculty, interdisciplinary exposure, hi-tech facilities and curriculum embedded with e-learning and use of media and latest techniques and technologies, student care, scholarships and available funding makes UMT an excellent choice for you.

Starting Out

Your first semesters in the program include coursework in general education emphasizing on the attainment of language and IT skills. You'll also start building your science content core and continue to build expertise in the sciences into your second year. In addition, you'll begin to study the theory and practice of teaching with courses in educational psychology along with building the foundations of education.

As You Progress

After your first two years, you'll focus on rounding out your scientific knowledge with further courses in the sciences. You'll also develop expertise in teaching theory and practice through coursework and fieldwork in areas of teaching science, curriculum and instruction, assessment, classroom management, technology integration, and conducting inquiry through action research. UMT will provide you the golden chance of placement into renowned school systems to get experience in real classroom while working with a senior mentor as internees. We encourage you to participate in teaching experiences both within and outside of the program, such as participating in local and international competitions, science fairs and Olympiad

Career opportunities

There is a shortage of skilled professionals in Science teaching across the world. Graduates may find jobs in public and private schools. Roles include, 1) Science educator in public and private sector at primary, elementary and secondary levels; 2) Curriculum planning & evaluation, and 3) subject coordinator. The scheme of studies and courses are benchmarked with international institutions of highest caliber. The successful graduates may easily proceed with their certifications for Gulf or North American and European countries.


It provides two entry levels

  • After 12 years of study into full four years program and
  • After 14 years of study into two years program

The students who have completed their twelve years of education equivalent to FSc are eligible for entry into four years degree program. It also aims to provide practitioners currently working in the field of Science and want to upgrade their qualifications, to further develop their skills and to enhance their existing knowledge through a part-time, flexible and accessible academic program.

* Internal and external credit hour transfer is also applicable

Program Structure of BS Honors in Science Education

Semesters: 8 Compulsory Courses = 8*3+1 =25 credit hours

Elective Courses from other Disciplines = 3*7= 21 credit hours

Core courses in Science Subject = 9*3+ 3 labs =30

credit hours Core courses of Education = 12*3 =36 credit hours

Elective courses for specialization = 4*3 = 12 credit hours

Teacher Practicum = 6 credit hours

Practicum Report = 3 credit hours

Total = 133 credit hours

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