Department of Psychology

I, as Chairperson of The Department of Psychology, warmly welcome you to a world of academic excellence, innovative and solution focused research that addresses the core challenges prevailing our society these days. You would have the opportunity of working under the supervision of our skilled and dedicated faculty.

The Department of Psychology offers competitive and high quality Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Programs covering an array of subjects and issues that are not captivating but are also the requirement of this new era. Our focus is cultivating an academically rich environment and we keenly mentor our students to engage in solution focused research regarding indigenous issues.

As a Department, our prime aim is to transform our graduates into Academicians, Researchers, and Social Scientists working actively in leading roles. The skills, professionalism, ethics and knowledge that we impart; enables our graduates to stand up to the challenges of intolerance, violence, aggression, injustice, discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping and bias; and enables them to perform an instrumental roles towards societal prosperity, development and reforms. Our priority is your success. And to make it happen, we offer and ensure a learning experience that is aligned with the national & international standards of education, addresses market demands and challenges you to prepare for a successful future.

The Department of Psychology draws extensive strength from The School of Social Sciences and Humanities and utilizes the interdisciplinary research collaboration. Our priority is to provide our students with updated knowledge base, high quality professional skills, ethics and credible research skills. Academic excellence, undoubtedly, is our prime focus, but we also nurture a sense of accountability, volunteerism, responsibility, tolerance, mutual-respect and leadership.

I, once again welcome you to this learning enriched environment and commit to provide you competitive academic opportunities, quality education and conducive learning environment. I hope and pray that your journey with us becomes enjoyable, full of meaning, learning and manifests your key goal to reality to help you play a productive role towards reformative societal measures.

I wish you all the best for your academic ventures.


Prof. Dr. Sadia Saleem

Acting Dean, School of Professional Psychology
Associate Professor

Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow, USA
PhD - Clinical Psychology, Government College University, Pakistan
MPhil - Clinical Psychology, Government College University, Pakistan

Email : [email protected]

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