Department of Psychology

Our Vision is...Learning!

  • It defines our existence, inspires all stakeholders associated with us, creates a powerful momentum inside, and responds to the challenges outside. It continues to evolve and aims to help individuals to discover their innate potentials...and to achieve Ultimate Success actualizing the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, equity and sustainable development of global human society.
  • Our Departmental Vision is to produce competitive and professional behavioral scientists and scholars that may contribute to our community positively.
  • We aim to strengthen and contribute meaningfully to the science of Psychology through research and community work at regional, national and international level.
  • Our core aim is to produce high quality research that contributes heavily to the body of knowledge and addresses pertinent issues and challenges indigenous to our Society.

Our Mission is...Leading!

  • We aspire to become a learning institution and evolve as the leading community for the purpose of integrated development of the society by actualizing strategic partnership with stakeholders, harnessing leadership, generating useful knowledge, fostering enduring values, and projecting sustainable technologies and practices.
  • Our Departmental mission is to ensure the provision of high quality academic environment to our students and to emphasize the implementation of knowledge to everyday challenges.
  • We aim to provide high quality education and training in the areas of Applied Psychology.
  • To cultivate a deep appreciation for research and ethics pertaining to it.
  • Our mission is to prepare our graduates to lead the industry in relevant professions, such as health, assessment, teaching, research and community services and equip them with key skills required in different segments, including Government, Industry, Mental Health, Military, Social Welfare, NGO's, Rescue Departments etc.
  • One of our paramount missions is to substantially add to the indigenous literature and produce high quality publications that address and communicate our indigenous challenges and issues to the global community.
  • Equip the students with analytical and critical thinking skills that would further assist them in their personal and professional life segments.

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