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Students' Participation in Poster Display (Spring 2015)

12 June 2012 - 9 research posters and 9 symbolic posters were displayed. All the posters were prepared by the MSc and BS students attending Gender Psychology and Social Psychology under the supervision of Mr. Azher Hameed.

Students' Participation in Poster Competetions (Spring 2015)

It is a matter of immense pleasure to share that by the Grace of Almighty Allah our bright UMT students ( Havaida Muneer and Ansa Akram)  and (Anum Ateeq and Maria Sana)  secured 2nd and 1st position respectively in all Pakistan poster exhibition in Department of Psychology GCU Lahore by competing the participants from many renowned universities/colleges like (University of Central Punjab, Lahore College for women University, Beaconhouse National University, Punjab University,  University of Lahore and Addiction center Canada). The theme of the posters were PEACE and DEVELOPMENT.

These students are enrolled in BS-Psychology 5th and 6th semester at UMT, Lahore. They prepared these posters as class projects for the completion of the course Developmental Psychology II, taught and Supervised by Sidra Afzal. The purpose of this activity was to encourage project based practical learning among students.

Prior to the competition these posters were evaluated with in university by the experts of the field including, Dr iftikhar Ahmed (Chairperson Psychology Department) and Brig Muhammad Feyyaz (Expert of Peace and Conflict studies, School of Governance).

Students' Participation in inter-University Competetions (Fall 2014)

Our students participated in several Inter-University Competitions in October 2014 in “MENTAL HEALTH WEEK” organized at Univeristy of Central Punjab (UCP) and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore.

1st Prize -  Mime and Drama Competition at COMSATS

2nd Prize - Quiz Competition at COMSATS 

1st Prize -  Mime and Drama Competition at UCP

UMT Department of Psychology students participated in several Inter-University Competitions in the month of October in “MENTAL HEALTH WEEK” organized at UCP and COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore. The Mental health week at COMSAT spanned on two days. On 18thOctober, Mime and Drama Competition was organized and on 22nd   poster Quiz competition took place. Theme for the Mime and Drama Competition was Cultural Psychology and for Quiz competition, the theme was Social Psychology. Our students won first prize in Mime competition and Second in Quiz Competition. This Story of success does not end here. On 23 October participating in the Mental Health Week at University of Central Punjab, Our highly talented students won the first prize on their performance in Mime and drama Competition on the theme Parent child relationship. see more pictures

Counseling Camp for IDPs in Bannu

Department of psychology, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSS&H) organized three day activity “Counseling camp for IDPs in Bannu" from 27th Sep 27 – Sep 29, 2014. The team was headed by Dr Tehmina Saqib. Other members included Inam ul HaqZainub Javed and Rameesha Nareen.

Counseling services were provided to displaced persons from North Waziristan. The local people were engaged for facilitation and translation. Also, books and related material was distributed among children. Around 300 individuals benefited from the activity. Focus groups and individual interviews were also carried out to assess the depth of mental health issues. Other organizations working in the area were contacted as well to gather more information. see more pictures

Community Psychology Day

Students of MSc organized a community psychology day at UMT campus on 29th May 2014. The day was a combination of seven course projects spread over a month’s time pertaining to the course titled COMMUNITY AND MENTAL HEALTH under the supervision of the resource person Dr. Tehmina Saqib. read more


We aim to develop research based knowledge about psychology. Hence the research activites at the department provide a rich source of knowledge about society and psychology. At present our particpants are conducting several studies.  read more

Workshops - Seminars

We aim to develop research based knowledge about psychology. Hence the research activites at the department provide a rich source of knowledge about society and psychology. There is a variety of workshops and seminars we conduct in each semester.  read more


Since long our students are showing our teaching contributions and their learning abilities in the form of research papers, projects, assignments, and posters. They participate in intra-univeristy competitions and prove their excellence in all types of activities. There are several fruitful activities we remain engaged throughout the semester. All these contributions create knowledge and awareness. PsyMAG is a psychology magazine that publishes all these contributions as a rich source of knowledge shared with the serious readers. At the same time PsyMAG helps the readers to understand psychology in a larger perspective and to the core of their routine social and individual lives. PsyMAG aims at caring about and promoting the psychological health by researching, discussing, and bringing into light the core issues of the society. read more

Particpation in Mental Health Week GC University

UMT Psychology department recently had this privilege of being a part of Mental Health Week organized by Government College University Lahore. Over 12 Universities participated in the inter-university competitions held in the course of this event. All Pakistan Poster Competition, Mime Competition and Quiz Competition were the major events and the students of Deaprtment of Psychology participated in all three of these competitions with great enthusiasm. Among 60 posters presented in the All Pakistan Poster Competition the students of UMT Rabia Ahmad and Aqsa Asif managed to secure 3rd position and added to the pride of their institute. Following this event, a creative and talented team of students comprising Novera Sajjad, Shehzad, Tehsina Haider, Warda Rana, Zohaib, Alveena Khan, Tayyaba Afzal, Iftikhar, Jaazim and Atiya Zahoor secured 2nd position in All Pakistan Mime competition and increased the honor of their highly esteemed institute.  Having achieved 2nd and 3rd positions in these competitions the students continued to aim higher and as a result the industrious students finally secured 1st position in the All Pakistan Quiz Competition. The students who earned this honor to their dear institute and teachers were Inam-ul-Haq, Palwasha Nazar and Aqsa Asif.

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