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SS&H Dean's Merit Award Ceremony

Friday, July 27, 2018

The Department of Psychology, proudly announces names of our students who secured Dean's Merit Award on 27th July, 2018. The Department of Psychology students who achieved Dean's Merit Award on 27th July, 2018 make up 21.4% of the total number of achieving students.


Sr. # Program ID # Name GPA Sash
1 BS(Psy) 14005141023 Noor Ul Ain 3.85 Only Badge
2 BS(Psy) 15007141016 Syeda Laraib Ali Gardezi 3.88 Only Badge
3 BS(Psy) F2016141014 Washma Fatima 3.88 Only Badge
4 BS(Psy) 15006141015 Ayesha Khan 3.95 Sash with Badge
5 BS(Psy) F2016141020 Sobia Gul 3.88 Sash with Badge
6 BS(Psy) F2017141003 Rehana Kausar 3.85 Sash with Badge
7 BS(Psy) F2017141027 Arooj Zaman 3.90 Sash with Badge
8 BS(Psy) F2017141063 Naima Kiran 3.88 Sash with Badge
9 BS(Psy) F2017141069 Arooj Fatima 3.88 Sash with Badge
10 BS(Psy) S2017141018 Ayesha Mushtaq 3.95 Sash with Badge
11 M.Sc.(Psy) F2017142007 Sonia Iftikhar 3.78 Sash with Badge
12 M.Sc.(Psy) S2016142001 Nousheen Fatima 3.72 Sash with Badge


Few Glimpses of the Ceremony:



We appreciate and extend our best wishes to the high achieving students.

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