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Workshop on Child Friendly Research Methods and Mosaic Approach

Date Conducted: Saturday, 14 May 2016
Organized By: Mr. Azher Hameed Qamar

Session 1: The Concept of Child in Research: Offering a Shift from Research on Children to Research with Children

Session 2: Child Friendly Data Collection Methods

Session 3: The Mosaic Approach

Workshop on Eidetic Psychotherapy

Date Conducted: Monday, 12th October
Organized By: Dr. Tehmina Saqib


Akhtar Ali Sayyed is a practicing clinical psychologist in ireland. Around 60 participants from all three degree programs attened the workshop. A very interactive session generating interest in students regarding Eidetic Psychotherapy.

Doing Research with Children - A Qualitative Approach

Date Conducted: Saturday, 06 Jun, 2015
Organized By: Mr. Azher Hameed Qamar


Session 1: The Concept of a Child and Mosaic Approach Resource Person: Mr. Azher Hameed Qamar, Department of Psychology. UMT.

Session 2: Understanding Children Resource Person: Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Rana Govt. M.A.O College, Lahore.

Counsling Workshops 2015

Ms. Farzana Ashraf as a faculty member and a resource person in counsling psychology contributing a lot to effectively organize all these workshops.It's an effort to boost up M. Phil program and enhance students' learning. These workshops are planned to conduct by experienced and recognized Professors and Practitioners in their concerned fields.

Workshop 1: Psychoanalysis: There and then, & Here and now

Resource Person: Ms. Haya Fatimah

"A workshop on titled "Psychoanalysis: There and then, & Here and now" was conducted by Haya Fatimah (Lecturerof Psychology, SSSH) for the MPhil Psychology class of 2017. In addition to the classical psychoanalytic principles, the evolution of psychodynamic school was reviewed including Ego Psychology, Object-Relations theory, and Self psychology.

The students were introduced to the Psychoanalytic diagnostic system and therapeutic techniques. With examples, and an on-site exercise the students identified and practiced the core psychoanalytic techniques of clarification, confrontation, and interpretation.

Additionally, the empirical evidence for the effectiveness of psychodynamic principles and variants of psychoanalysis including Transference Focused Psychotherapy and Long Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy were covered."

Workshop 2: Marital and Family Counseling: Techniques and Challenges

Resource Person: Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Rana

"Marital and Family Counseling: Techniques and Challenges". Resource Person of Workshop was Dr. Shabbir Ahmed Rana. One of the major areas of Dr. Shabbir is Clinical/Counseling Psychology and Family Science/Therapy. In this interactive session he discussed about the family dynamics, family systems, pre-marital relationships and its consequences on psychological health, family conflicts, issues of divorce and its consequences on psychological health of spouses and children and therapeutic techniques to deal with marital and family issues in structured counseling setting. Dr. Shabbir was awarded honorary shield of Rector-UMT from Department of Psychology.

Workshop 3: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Dr. Irum Bukhari

One day workshop was conducted by department of Psychology UMT Lahore, on "Cognitive Behavior Therapy". Dr. Irum Bukhari an expert from Pakistan Institute of Mental Health was invited to deliver the talk.The audience comprised students of M.Phil program and the faculty of Psychology department. She talked about the techniques used in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.This workshop was well conducted and the audience fond it as a very good learning experience . She was also awarded UMT Rector honorary shield as token of thanks by Dr.Iftikhar Ahmed, head of Department.

Workshop 4: Career Counseling

Ms. Yasmeen Butt

A workshop on "Career Counseling" was Delivered by Ms. Yasmeen Butt who is Manager Career Counseling Services at University of South Asia. She update students about the issues and challenges that students face while deciding about their careers. She was also awarded UMT Rector shield by department.

Workshop 5: Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Dr. Saima Dawood

Department of Psychology organized a workshop on "Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy" by Dr. Saima Dawood who is clinical psychologist. Focus of workshop was to aware students about challenges and issues faced in REBT and counseling setting. Dr. Tehmina Saqib on Behalf of Dr. Iftikhar awarded her honorary shield as expression of thanks.

Workshop 6: Forensic Psychology in Pakistan

Mr. Abid Ayub

A Workshop on "Forensic Psychology in Pakistan" was delivered by Mr. Abid Ayub who is Forensic Psychologist in Punjab Forensic Lab. He Highlighted upon the scope of psychological working criminal justice and related issues in the field of forensic psychology.

Workshop 7: Child Abuse and Councling Techniques for its Managment

Prof. Dr. Farah Malik

Professor Dr. Farah Malik delivered a workshop on "Child Abuse and Counseling Techniques for its Management". She highlighted on the most neglected area related to child psychology in Pakistan. She also shared her efforts to draw the attention of high authorities toward the assessment and management of child abuse and neglect.

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