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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Organizational change in complex organization- case of FINCA Bank

On 4th May, 2019 the Department of Sociology arranged a guest lecture by Mr. Muhammad Ali Toosy. Mr. Toosy is a British Pakistani who is a Change Management Professional, Lean Practitioner, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Singapore Quality Institute International, and has an MBA (Change Management) degree from University of Surrey, UK. Mr .Toosy was invited by C.O.D Department of Sociology Dr. Basharat Hussain who is the course instructor of Complex Organizations (a course offered in M.Phil. Sociology). Mr. Toosy briefed the class on various aspects of changes that may occur in organizations and the reasons for these changes.

Organizational changes occur due to factors pertaining to the Internal and External environment. These changes occur for the benefit of the organization to aid in either achieving the official goal or saving the organization from detrimental consequences. Mr. Toosy explained the process in great description to the class. Question were raised by curious students and an interactive session began. Finally Mr. Toosy was presented with a token of appreciation from the Department of Sociology.


Creating Beautiful Minds and Increasing Employability

On 3rd May, 2019 The Department of Sociology organized a motivational and informative talk with Dr. Nasir Aziz who is a professor at LUMS and has an MBA from Yale University. He has been teaching/training at schools, colleges, universities and has delivered lectures in a multitude of educational institutes all across Pakistan. The theme of the session was “Creating Beautiful Minds and Employability” 

Dr. Nasir Aziz spoke to the participants of M.Phil. Sociology during their Research Colloquium. During the discussion Mr. Nasir Aziz stressed on the positive thinking and achieving your goals through making decisions which benefit yourself. Dr. Nasir Aziz spoke about the ‘beauty of the mind’ and how people take ideas for granted. He also spoke in the context of Sociology and provided reasons as to why Sociology is an important subject in today’s globalized world. Dr. Nasir Aziz was met with a warm welcome form the participants who pondered upon the discussion and raised some important questions and valid points afterwards. Dr. Nasir was then handed a token of appreciation by the Department of Sociology Faculty members.


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