Department of Education


Our mission is to contribute in developing knowledgeable, skilled and professional individuals who can contribute to the human development for a sustainable peaceful society for the present and future generations.  


To become an internationally well-recognized research oriented platform for pre-service & in-service teacher education as well as leadership & management programs.


Education changes people’s lives. Education studies provide a sound platform for all those who want to take on socially responsible professional roles in a range of settings – including: teaching, curriculum design, instructional supervision, school leadership or youth and community work, community education, and support and development for adult literacy.

FEMT, Faculty of Education Management & Technology was set up in 1999 and it is the oldest faculty of education in the private sector. The department has an impressive spectrum of expertise within the field of education with a faculty that has wide ranging research and teaching interests. Eight out of ten of our permanent professors are PhD and seasoned researchers. Our graduates have been the first to complete PhD in the whole UMT.

The education degree programs offered by our department deepen your understanding of education so that you can better analyze the practice, provisions and policy that are critical within your own professional context. The programs are designed to cater people coming from diverse backgrounds and range of abilities. The sweep of the programs is broad, representing important and influential educational ideas from a range of disciplines and students may comfortably enter at different stages in their educationally focused careers.

Department of education provides students a unique experience of academic life with a strong focus on research and career preparation in the chosen field. Students gain clear and comprehensive understanding of professional field through various opportunities provided by the faculty. The department and the university take every possible step to facilitate the students to acquire academic and professional excellence to become outstanding members of social and /or professional community they join after graduating. Once graduated the graduates are eagerly sought after by prestigious organizations.

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