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MPhil Political Science - Core Courses

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Core Courses (15 credit hours)

Participants of the program must complete 15 credit hours through 5 core courses. ‘Research Methodology’ and ‘Statistical Analysis for Social Science Research’ are compulsory courses for all participants. 

Course Title Credit Hours
Research Methodology (Compulsory) 3
Statistical Analysis for Social Science Research (Compulsory)  3
Advanced Political Theory 3
Development Administration 3
Public Policy Analysis 3
Social Change and Political Development 3
Political Economy 3

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

All participants must complete 3 courses with a total of 9 credit hours from the following list of courses: 

Course TitleCredit Hours
Political and Constitutional Developments in Pakistan 3
Politics and Ethnicity in Pakistan 3
Contemporary Theories of Comparative Government  3
Political System of Islam: Different Perspectives 3
South Asian Political Systems (India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka) 3
Political Systems of Europe (Germany, Switzerland, and France) 3
Good Governance 3
Public Administration in Pakistan 3
Governance and Democracy in Pakistan 3
Economic Development  3
Political Economy of Pakistan 3
Politics of International Economic Relations 3
Theories of International Relations  3
Major Issues in Global Politics 3
Regional Blocks in Contemporary Scenario 3
Changing World Order: Impact on South Asia 3
Defense and Strategic Studies  3
Pakistan’s Foreign Policy 3
Political Science Internship 3

Thesis (6 credit hours)

An innovative and original research project will be an important part of this program. Project work will encourage program participants to show initiative in their individual work and use appropriate analytical techniques to prepare a high quality thesis. Successful completion and defense of thesis will earn students 6 credit hours and will complete their degree requirements. 

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