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Pakistan currently requires intelligent scholars and intuitive researchers for academic institutions and other organizations. Both the B.S & M.Phil. Sociology offered by UMT will aid in delivering knowledge and grasping social facets to promote social change. Furthermore, UMT and the Sociology Department are announcing the beginning two new programs B.S Social Work & Ph.D. Sociology. Both these programs will further the illustrious structure that UMT and the Sociology Department have developed since its inception. The Social Work program will enable the participants to recognize the true necessities of living which are essential for the productivity and enhancement of the community. While the Ph.D. in Sociology will be the highest degree which is attainable and conferred by a University. The Doctoral program will be the integral last piece to complete the participants’ education requirement and will allow the participant to engage in a new wave of research and play an active and crucial role in social change.

Why Sociology at the University of Management & Technology?

The Department of Sociology, at University of Management and Technology, Lahore envisions to disseminate indigenous sociological knowledge and compare it with the cosmopolitan, on the one hand and will apply professional research skills to influence social policies for desirable social development, on the other hand. This is possible through the acquisition of skills, training, and promotions of the young scholars and academicians. This Department is a research-oriented institution where students are expected to peruse knowledge that is for the diverse needs of social organizations as well as the wider society of Pakistan. The Sociology Department has established its niche because of its focus on contemporary social issues. It is providing solid training in statistics, sociological theory, research methodology and the sub-fields of the disciplines which include Sociology of Globalization, Sociology of Health and Illness, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Religion and Culture and Sociology of Politics. The department focuses and emphasis on social concerns help to prepare students for research, teaching, social service and social welfare missions. The graduates over here are concerned with understanding the human condition, past and present, and equipped with the skills of developing rapport in unfamiliar situations, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, thinking analytically at the macro, meso, and micro levels, and communicating effectively, both orally and in writing. All of these skills are highly relevant to the multicultural and global world. Sociology students in the program are well-prepared for further academic study, and/or for pursuing careers in social services, criminal justice, education, research, health, social and corporate sector, marketing, business consulting, policy analysis, program and projects evaluation, community participation and development. The Department of Sociology has had the pleasure of enrolling an ensemble of fantastic students, the honor lies both with Department and the participants’ alike. With industrial linkages and a global chain of universities linked to the Sociology of Department, employment and academic recognition are primary objectives that the Department of Sociology aims for always.

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