Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology at UMT currently offers M Phil Sociology, M Phil Gender Studies, BS Sociology, BS Gender Studies and BS Social Work programs. All programs are approved by all statutory bodies and our M Phil programs are HEC approved programs.

The department was established with the purpose to nurture a new group of social scientists, social workers, policy makers and development professionals who will examine social and gender issues in Pakistan from a scientific lens.

The programs are committed to multicultural curriculum that sustains and integrates diverse standpoints and offer students an opportunity to explore societies and gender from the perspective of intersectionality and inclusivity to build a meaningful understanding of the subject. 

Societies are constantly experiencing and adapting to technologic, atmospheric, economic, demographic and dogmatic changes, and sociologists, gender specialist and social workers are at the heart of this process of human evolution, making sense of the past and directing the future. Study of a society is the investigation of human behavior in the social context.

Sociology, social work and gender studies look into the composition, organization, culture, norms and development of societies. Sociology being the core subject for studying human interactions within and among various societies and culture is now being taught in multiple disciplines, for instance; medical, law, architecture, governance, business, IT and accounts. Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field of intellectual inquiry which includes exploration of the diverse experiences of women and different gender identities in national as well as international context.


Department of Sociology at UMT has an outclass faculty, qualified from top ranking national and international universities. Most importantly, our faculty is specialized faculty, having PhDs in Sociology and Gender Studies.

  • Outlines of the courses offered by UMT have been designed keeping in view the international standards.
  • Specialists from industries are attached to design the course outlines to cater the industry-academia needs.
  • Faculty to student ratio has been given utmost importance so that all the students have an equal opportunity to seek guidance from the faculty.  
  • Due to such exclusive supervision from the faculty, 100% students of UMT complete their degree in time.
  • An active alumni network of UMT students along with other post pass-out facilitations has been setup which helps in providing job opportunities for the fresh graduates. 

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