International Conference at Department of Sociology

Recent advancements, including globalization have resulted in a significant paradigm shift in the dynamics of social institutions. These institutions, which have long been the pillars of society, are now being critically evaluated in light of evolving cultural, economic, and technological landscapes.These social institutions hold significant implications for both individuals and communities, presenting both challenges and opportunities that require careful analysis.Their impacts cannot be overlooked in countries like Pakistan with diverse culturaland resource disparities. However, numerous challenges such as economic crisis, political instability, environmental concerns, and changing demographics have raised questions about the efficacy and relevance of existing social institutions, particularly for knowledge dissemination.

In order to address these pressing concerns and revisit the role of social institutions within the local socio-economic context, it is crucial to engage in critical analysis, propose innovative solutions, and adopt a forward-thinking approach. The aim of this conference is to explore and evaluate ongoing or potential challenges of future social institutions, focusing on contextually relevant approaches that can lead to transformative processes within these institutions. It invites academic discourse and collaborative efforts to pave the way for a more progressive and sustainable future.

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