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MS Security and Strategic Studies

Introduction Objectives/Scope Road Map

Objectives of Program

In addition to providing fundamental knowledge of Security and Strategic Studies, this program aims to develop critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and communication and collaboration skills in its participants. Special emphasis will be placed on producing individuals capable of meeting challenges of professional roles. The MS in Security and Strategic Studies at UMT will provide a broad perspective and acute theoretical insight to its students so that they can analyze contemporary and emerging issues and be able to offer innovative solutions for global peace, harmony and cooperation. While imparting knowledge and supervising research, primacy will be accorded to the Pakistani perspective and interests. The utility and impact of knowledge produced through high quality course work and research will allow the MS Security and Strategic Studies degree holders to excel and cultivate leadership roles in their respective careers. Training research students at optimal levels of rigor and originality would enable them to develop and propose new pathways for constructive change.

Scope of the Program

The MS Security and Strategic Studies program will prepare its participants for a broad spectrum of careers spanning academic, public, private, and non-profit institutions and organizations. Even though this program is primarily geared towards those who are pursuing research and teaching careers, it is also designed to expand career prospects of practitioners in the fields of defense and security policy, development, and mass communication (including print and electronic media).

A degree in Security and Strategic Studies can lead to exciting careers in the Armed Forces of Pakistan, Civil Service (especially Foreign Service), International Organizations e.g. UN and its agencies, print and electronic media, NGOs, government and private think tanks; and educational and research institutions.

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