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BS Social Work - Road Map

Introduction Road Map Course Outline

Compulsory Requirements (the student has no choice) (Will be offered as per UMT offerings)General Courses to be chosen from other departments (Will be offered as per UMT offerings)Discipline Specific Foundation CoursesMajor courses including research project/Field WorkElective Courses within the major
9 courses 8 courses 10 courses

12 (11+ thesis) As per
UMT policy students
can apt two extra
courses in replacement
of thesis.

4 courses
27 Credit hours 24 Credit hours 30 Credit hours 39 Credit hours 12 Credit Hours
A:Case work specialization
English – i(3) Introduction to Psychology(3) Introduction to Social Work(3) Social Case Work (3) Medical Social Work(3)
English – ii (3) Introduction to Anthropology (3) Fields of Social Work (3) Social Group Work Practice(3) Psychiatric Social Work (3)
English – iii(3) Life and Learning(3) Social Institutions & Society (3) Community Organization(3) School Social Work(3)
English – iv / Foreign Language (3) Introduction to Sociology (3) Theories of Social Work (3) Social Work Administration(3) Social Work with Juvenile Delinquents (3)
Pakistan Studies (3) Introduction to Economics (3) Contemporary Social Issues in Pakistan (3) Social Action(3) Inclusive Education (3)
Islamic Studies / Ethics (3) Introduction to Population Studies (3) Social Policy & Planning (3) Gender and Development (3) Probation and Parole (3)
Mathematics i (3) Introduction to Philosophy/Logic and Reasoning (3) Social Legislation (3) Introduction to Criminology (3) Drug Abuse Prevention and Integration (3)
Basic Statistics (3) Introduction to Political Sciences (3) Professional Ethics of Social Work (3) International and Cross-Cultural Social Work (3) Gerontological Social Work (3)
Computer Application(3) Introduction to International Relations (3) Social Development (3) Social Risk Management (3) Palliative Care in Social Work (3)
Introduction to History (3) Social Research Methodology (3) Counselling Process and Skills in Social Work (3) Disability: Intervention & Rehabilitation (3)
Introduction to Geography (3) Human Development over the Lifespan (3) Field Work & Report–I (3) B. Group Work Specialization
Introduction to Law (3) Field Work & Report-II (3) Intergroup Conflict Resolution and Cohesion (3)
Introduction to Mass Communication (3) Thesis (4) Social Work with Youth (3)
Introduction to Gender Studies (3) Child welfare, Family Welfare, Families (3)
Introduction to Financial Management (3) Labor Welfare (3) Social Safety Nets (3)
Introduction to Management Information System (3)
Introduction to Environment Studies (3) C. Community organization and Development Specialization
Introduction to Public Administration (3) Rural Development(3)
Introduction to Home Economics (3) Civil Society Organization (3)
Social Work with Marginalized Communities (3)
Urban Development (3)
D. Social Action Specialization
Project Planning & Implementation (3)
Community Based Disaster Management (CBDM) (3)
Social Voluntarism (3)
Social Entrepreneurship (3)

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