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BS Sociology - Road Map

Introduction Road Map  Course Outline

(First Semester)(Second Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)
ENG101 English I 3 ENG105 English II 3
POL101 Pakistan Studies 3 ISL101 Islamic Studies 3
RMS101 Introduction to Statistics 3 PHL101 Logical Reasoning 3
MC101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 Eco201 Introduction to Economics 3
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3 SDW210 Life and Learning 3
SOC201 Introduction to Sociology 3 Development of Social Thought and Classical Sociological Theory 3
Total 18 Total 18
(Third Semester)(Fourth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)
ENG201 English III 3 ENG202 English IV 3
RMS201 Methods of Social Research 3 POL105 Introduction to international relations 3
POL110 IIntroduction to political Science 3 Eco201 Introduction to economics 3
SOC302 Cultural Anthropology 3 SOC340 Rural Sociology 3
Gender and Development 3 SOC345 Urban Sociology 3
Total 15 Total 15
(Fifth Semester)(Sixth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)
SOC206 Sociology of Development 3 SOC346 Sociology of Religion 3
SOC101 Contemporary Sociological Theory 3 SOC304 Social Work 3
Computer Application in Social Sciences 3 SOC413 Economic Sociology 3
SOC 318 Political Sociology 3 SOC344 Clinical Sociology 3
SOC319 Sociology of Education 3 SOC411 Sociology of Health & Illness 3
Total 15 Total 15
(Seventh Semester)(Eighth Semester)
CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)CodeCourse TitleCr.H (Th+Lab)
SOC435 Environmental Sociology 3 SOC412 Sociology of Media 3
SOC331 Globalization and Transformation 3 Social Psychology 3
SOC308 Advanced Research Methods 3 Social Problems of Pakistan 3
Criminology 3 SOC460 Research Thesis 6
SOC431 Social Movements 3 SOC455 Sociology of Marriage and Family 3
Internships 3
Total 18 Total 18

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