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B.Ed. (1.5 Year)

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B.Ed. is one and a half year (three semesters) program focusing on preparation of prospective school teachers. This program is designed to train the prospective teachers in professional knowledge, aligned with HEC road map and competencies of curriculum & instruction, educational assessment, research methods, and educational leadership & management skills and competencies in pedagogy. This degree program will enable the prospective teachers to teach school subjects (English/Pakistan Studies/History/Geography/Political Science/Urdu/Physical.

Education/Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Math/Botany/Zoology/Bio-Chemistry/Statistics/Psychology/Art & Experimental Craft/Electronics/Electricity/Electrical engineering/Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering/Drafting/Computer Science/ Arabic/B.A with Shahdat-ul-Almia/Islamic Studies/Home Economics/Fine Arts & Physical Education). This degree program will also provide ample opportunities to furnish the prospective teachers through their professional development to meet the national standards of teacher preparation. In the present era, the teacher education under the umbrella of teacher preparation programs is the foundation to succeed in the professional career.

This program provides the prospective teachers with the platform where they can not only become specialized teacher in the relevant subject teaching at school (the above mentioned subjects) development in professional and academic knowledge will help them in exploring further avenues to meet their personal and professional ambitions. Thus, the program will provide competent and trained teachers for the above mentioned school subjects being taught at elementary and secondary schools in Pakistan. The program will provide basis for advance studies i.e. M. Phil & Ph.D in Education.

Rationale of the Program

With increasing need of quality in teacher education, the pre-service teacher education requires transformation to fulfill this need. In this regard, the National Curriculum Review Committee (NCRC), Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan, devised the teacher education roadmap that aims to place in the uniform system of teacher education preparation in all provinces of Pakistan. The program B.Ed. (1.5 Years) is rationalized based on the national vision to bring about uniformity in the current diverse status of teacher education preparation. Thus, the program is a process of reform in teacher education designed to create better, qualified and specialized teachers to meet the changing needs of schools.

Program General Information

Course Duration: One and a half year (three semesters) Total Credit Hours: 54 Total Semesters: 3 Qualification on Completion: Bachelor in Education/ B.Ed.


M.A./M.Sc or B.A/B.S (Hons) or equivalent (16 years of Education)

Credit hours of students enrolled in the same programme at other institutes can be transferred

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