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 MPhil Sociology - Road Map

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Admission Requirements

16 years of education (with minimum 2nd division)
Duration: 4 Semesters
Credit Hours: 30 Cr.H.
Specializations offered: M.Phil Sociology

Core And Major Courses (15 credit hours)Credit Hours
Sociology Theory (Classical, Contemporary and Islamic) 03
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods 03
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods 03
Social Statistics (SPSS) 03
Understanding Complex Organizations  03

Elective Courses (09 credit hours)

All participants must take 3 courses ( 09 credit hours) from either cluster A or cluster B

Cluster A: Criminology Electives (Students will any  pick 3 courses)

Courses                                                                                   Credit Hours
Advanced Criminology Theory 03
Comparative Criminal Justice Administration 03
Globalization, Transnationalism and Violence 03
Penology and Prison Administration 03
Discourse on Radicalization and Extremism 03


Cluster B: General Sociology Electives (Students will pick any 3 courses)

Courses                                                                                   Credit Hours
Sociology of Gender 03
Sociology of Education 03
Sociology of Health and Illness 03
Political Sociology and Post-Colonial Perspectives 03
Sociology of Technology 03
Migration and Diasporas 03

Social Entrepreneurship


Globalization and Development 


Research Thesis (06 credit hours)

Total Credit Hours 30

An innovative and original research project will be an important part of this program. Project work will encourage program participants to show initiative in their individual work and use appropriate analytical techniques to prepare a high quality thesis. Successful completion and defense of thesis will earn students 06 credit hours and will complete their degree requirements.

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