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BS International Relations - Courses

Overview Core Courses Road Map

Compulsory Courses

  1. English I
  2. English II
  3. English III / Creative Writing
  4. English IV
  5. Pak Studies
  6. Islamic Studies
  7. Introduction to Statistics
  8. Logical Reasoning / Mathematics / Applied Statistics
  9. Computer Application in Social Sciences

General Courses

  1. English Literature / Urdu Literature / French / German / Arabic / Persian
  2. Introduction to Philosophy / Introduction to Psychology
  3. Introduction to Mass Communication / Introduction to International Relations
  4. Introduction to Political Science / World History / Modern History / Business Management
  5. Life and Learning / Ideology of Pakistan / World Religion and Civilizations
  6. Introduction to Sociology / Introduction to Economics
  7.  Islam and Society/ Geo Political Structure of the World
  8. Methods of Social Research

Foundation Courses

  1. (IR-100) Introduction to Political science
  2.  (IR-200)International Relations Theory
  3. (IR-210) History of International Relations 1648-1945
  4. (IR-211) History of  International Relations Since 1945
  5. (IR-240) International Political Economy
  6. (IR-260) International Law
  7. (IR-273) Contemporary Muslim World
  8. (IR-341) Globalization, Global Issues and Challenges
  9. (IR-231) International Security
  10. (IR-320) Diplomacy

Major Courses

  1. (IR-220) Foreign Policy Analysis
  2. (IR-130) Introduction to Strategic Studies
  3. (IR-480) Research Methods in International Relations
  4. (IR-330) Peace and Conflict Studies
  5. (IR-322) US Foreign Policy
  6. (IR-333) Conflict Resolution
  7. (IR-443) Politics of International Development
  8. (IR-444) Environmental Politics
  9. (IR-342) Regional Integration
  10.  (IR-222) Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  11. (IR-499) Research Project/Internship

Elective Courses

  1. (IR-474) International Politics of the Asia Pacific Region
  2. (IR-311) Geopolitical Structure of the World
  3. (IR-423) Defense Policies of India and Pakistan
  4. (IR-313) Ethnicity and Problems of Muslim Minorities
  5. (IR-323) Comparative Foreign Policies of Major Powers US, Russia, China
  6. (IR-334) Human Rights in International Relations
  7. (IR-432) Conflict in Palestine and Kashmir
  8. (IR-433) Arms Control and Disarmament
  9. (IR-473) International Politics of the Middle East

Selected Course Outlines 

In the following pages selected course outlines of BS International Relations program have been presented for review. These Course Outlines include;

  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • History of  International Relations since 1648-1945
  • Comparative Foreign Policy
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Contemporary Muslim World
  • International Terrorism
  • International Relations Theory
  • International Relations Theory : A Critical Introduction
  • US Foreign Policy
  • International Security

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