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Undergraduate Programs

  • BS Sociology

Graduate Programs

Program Objective

Pakistani society is currently incurring an array of modern-day issues. The Department of Sociology at The University of Management & Technology intends to play an integral role in encouraging social change and cultural harmony by producing academically sound and intellectually apt participants. Particularly, the Department of Sociology aims at enriching a more social research-oriented atmosphere which can contribute to the gaps that are prevalent in understanding Pakistani Society. Having attained recognition by HEC Pakistan in its M.Phil. Degree Program Ref No. 1-110/2017/QAD-NOC/HEC/UMTL/18 and an already established Bachelors program, the Department of Sociology now advance towards a new horizon of academic research, innovative learning techniques and equipping the youth with the tools to lead Pakistan in a highly globalized world.

An additional aim of the Department of Sociology is to enhance the ability and skill set of each participant by imparting knowledge of both theory and practicality to all. By introducing a broad spectrum of theories and techniques to accumulate data, the participant shall enter the society with the ability to assess social situations with a deeper comprehension of environment and man and the constraints one must adhere to better themselves throughout society. The participants’ shall leave with knowledge which will last them a lifetime, they will be able to critically and analytical understand social environments and creatively suggest solutions.

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