Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization


Establishing the Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization in University of Management and Technology is a reflection of passion and enthusiasm of some gifted scholars who wish to introduce Islamic Civilization to the world as a living and dynamic entity. They feel that human prosperity and development depends upon leading role of Islam in the current scenario, and humanity today is in need of a civilization which, on one hand, draws its strength from the revealed knowledge and on the other hand benefits from the Modern knowledge.

A civilization which is not only spiritual but also meets the highest parameters of rationality; which not only promotes ethical and spiritual standards on the one hand and provides a frame work to offer genuine solutions to the issues emerging out of interaction of Muslim society with the globalization and industrialization of the West. A civilization which helps in using human and material sources and means of communication in the light of Islamic concepts of social justice, equity, freedom, social welfare and fundamental rights.


Reconstruction of Islamic Thought and Civilization through teaching and research in modern perspective based on the Qur'an and Sunnah


To achieve its objectives the Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization has adopted the following methodology:

  1. Reconstruction of Islamic sciences in Modern Perspective
  2. To acquaint students with similar efforts in other parts of the world
  3. To develop curriculum according to the contemporary needs
  4. To initiate post-graduate courses in Islamic Thought and Civilization such as: M.A, M.Phil, and PhD
  5. To conduct research on important topics
  6. To benefit from the works of authors, intellectuals and academicians already working in this field
  7. To publish works of researchers and academicians on Islamic Thought and Civilization
  8. To conduct national and international workshops, seminars and conferences
  9. To launch a research journal of Islamic thought and civilization
  10. To compile an Encyclopedia of Islamic Thought and Civilization
  11. To arrange teaching and training of 1000 students per year
  12. Construction of a six storey Centre of Excellence in Islamic Thought and Civilization
  13. To launch a student Journal titled as “Qindeel”

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