Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization


Establishing the Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization in University of Management and Technology is a reflection of passion and enthusiasm of some gifted scholars who wish to introduce Islamic Civilization to the world as a living and dynamic entity. They feel that human prosperity and development depends upon leading role of Islam in the current scenario, and humanity today is in need of a civilization which, on one hand, draws its strength from the revealed knowledge and on the other hand benefits from the Modern knowledge.

A civilization which is not only spiritual but also meets the highest parameters of rationality; which not only promotes ethical and spiritual standards on the one hand and provides a frame work to offer genuine solutions to the issues emerging out of interaction of Muslim society with the globalization and industrialization of the West. A civilization which helps in using human and material sources and means of communication in the light of Islamic concepts of social justice, equity, freedom, social welfare and fundamental rights.

Vision Statement

Contributing to society through the pursuit of Islamic education and research and be able to respond effectively to the posed modern-day challenges. Training students to develop Islamic values along with social morals, ethics and skills to work diligently and to function benevolently in all avenues of life to build a cohesive, proud and sovereign nation. Restoring the full meaning of education by offering an opportunity to study, comprehensively and critically, the syllabus of a classical education in the Islamic sciences sensitively adapted for our time.

Mission Statement

Department of Islamic Thought and Civilization aims to be recognized as the Islamic world knowledge hub that delivers and caters world class research and teaching and learning environment by developing, expanding and enhancing research programs led by exemplary faculty for competent and efficient students. It intends to enable students to serve as faithful representatives of a practiced Islam that is:
• According to the pattern of God's Messenger and his Companions;
• Gracious and patient with religious diversity;
• An Islam based on sound knowledge that the students have acquired for themselves and which they carry back into their communities;
• An Islam practiced as a commitment to respect, care for and serve others;
• An Islam secured not by attachment to communal identity but by attachment to God.
The department aims to develop and support harmony between different religions and sects of society and to relate to others with tolerance, respect and consideration, whatever their beliefs and attitudes may be.

Core Values / Philosophy

• Interactive learning
• Research Diversity
• Team work
• Fostering research culture among students
• Cultural and Societal inclusiveness

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