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PhD International Relations

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Degree Requirements

Course Work:

  • Course work of 27 credit hours is required to be completed preferably in the first three semesters. An independent test and a research paper submission are required for each course.
  • Whenever a PhD scholar’s CGPA falls below 3.00/4.00 he/she shall be ‘on probation’ for the next semester. If the scholar does not attain at least 3.00/4.00 CGPA his/her admission will be cancelled.
  • Scholar who has earned ‘F’ grade in a course in any semester will be dropped from the program.
  • Course Work Comprehensive ExamThe course work will be followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy asPhD researcher.

A certificate will be issued by University of Management and Technology after successful completion of coursework and comprehensive examination.

Dissertation (24 credit hours)

A Dissertation (app. 80,000 – 100,000 words) based on original research must be submitted to Departmental Graduate Committee. The student will work under one supervisor who will be allocated by Departmental Graduate Committee.

Function of Departmental Graduate Committee (DGC)

  •  comprised of four Departmental permanent faculty (all PhDs)
  • DGC will allocate supervisors to PhD candidates for research dissertation.
  • Periodic biannual meeting of the committee with the candidates , their supervisors to ;

a) evaluate progress of the candidate
b) examine direction of future research

  • Minutes of the meeting will be circulated to;

a) Committee members (including supervisors)
b) Candidate
c) Dean
All decisions will be taken by the consensus of the committee.

Biannual candidate’s progress evaluation:

  • Decision taken biannually by the consensus of the committee to continue or discontinue the PhD trajectory of the candidate.
  • Final first draft submitted to the committee (minimum period: 2 years after comprehensive exam)
  • Comments of the committee
  • Second draft submission
  • Final comments of the committee
  • Third final draft submission

Foreign Expert Evaluation:

The Ph.D. Dissertation will be evaluated by at least two Ph.D. experts from technologically/academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local committee

Open defense:

An open defense of Dissertation is essential part of PhD Program after positive evaluation.

Research Paper:

Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in an HEC approved “X” or “Y” category journal is
a requirement for the award of Ph.D. degree.

Plagiarism Test:

The Plagiarism Test must be conducted on the Dissertation before its submission.

Copy of PhD Dissertation to HEC:

A copy of Ph.D. Dissertation (both hard and soft) must be submitted to HEC for record in Ph.D.

Course Work Structure:

The course work will be divided into three streams; Core courses, Major courses and Minor (elective)

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