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  • Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin attended online workshop "Dissecting the scholarly publishing process. A current overview on the steps to getting published”, organized by Wiley on 26th January 2022. Facilitator: Dr. Ben Sibbett, Managing Editor, Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources.
  • Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin & Dr. Iram Rasheed attended “2-days Virtual Workshop - Applying Quantitative Methods for Researching Gender”, organized by LCWU, FCCU, UPGP & ESEFP. Facilitator: Dr Sara Rizvi Jafree, Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Sociology, FCCU. 18th-19th January 2022.


  • Dr. Iram Rasheed attended consultative session and launching post graduate diploma, Local Government Study Program by Political Science Department of Punjab University, held by SDF, FAFEN and LOGIN-Asia on 27th December 2021
  • Dr Iram Rasheed attended online workshop “Giving students opportunities to apply their learning”, organized by Faculty lounge, Harvard Business School on 14th December 2021.
  • Dr Basharat Hussain  “Consumers’ Opinion on the Plastic Bag Ban and Using Eco-Friendly Bags for Shopping in Pakistan.” Paper presented at ‘Understanding Wellbeing in Asian Societies: The Impact of Digital Media on Environmental and Social Resilience - 2021 ANPOR-APCA Annual Conference’. Organized by The Asian Network for Public Opinion Research (ANPOR) and the Asia-Pacific Communication Alliance. Date: 14th December 2021.
  • Dr Iram Rasheed attended online workshop “Assessment tips for ensuring academic integrity”, organized by Faculty lounge, Harvard Business School on 7th December 2021.
  • Dr. Ahmad Raza & Aneeqa Tariq (student) “Social context of Post-cesarean stress management by young mothers in Lahore”. Paper presented in 1st International virtual summt on medical sociology and public health, organized by FJWU in collaboration with Huston-Tillotson University, on 2th – 4th December 2021.
  • Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin “Challenges faced by working mothers in managing work-life balance during Covid-19.” Paper presented at ‘Congress of Gender Studies – CGS21: Gendered Global Crisis’. Co-organized by Karadeniz Technical University’s Women’s Studies Application and Research Centre, Altinbas University Gender and Women’s Studies Research Centre TOKAMER Turkey, ATINER Greece, CESRAN International, and Karadeniz Technical University Centre for Strategic Research. Dates: 10th-12th November 2021.
  • Dr. Iram Rasheed  ''Women's recreational rights in the light of Quran and Sunnah" Paper presented on 3rd International Conference Women's Right of Recreation and Seerat-e-Tayyaba (ICWRRST-2021)   organized by HEC Gender Seerat Chair on 3rd & 4th November,2021.
  • Dr. Iram Rasheed attended consultative meeting on “Creating awareness amongst rural women voters, organized by ECP and Bedari foundation in October 2021
  • Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin  “Gender-based violence represented in fiction by women authors of Pakistan.” Paper presented at ‘Representations of Violence in Literature, Culture and Arts International Interdisciplinary Conference’. Organized by Osmaniye Korkut Ata University, Turkey. Dates: 20th-22nd October 2021. Abstract book ISBN: 978-1-80135-096-9. Paperback ISBN: 978-1-80135-095
  • Dr Beenish Malik participated in a two day “Policy Dialogue on Internal Migration Issues and Recommendation” organized by National School of Public Policy on July 26-27, 2021.
  • Dr Beenish Malik attended webinar “Joint Talk on Decision Making in Migration Policies” on 10th February 2021
  • Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin's poem is included in an anthology titled as ‘Still we Sing”, which includes poetry on violence against women by South Asian women poets. Edited by Sarita Jenamani (Austrian-based Indian poet), published by Dholi Books, India (January 2021)


  • Dr Beenish Malik attended an online workshop “How to Publish in impact factor journals”, organized by Department of Sociology, University of Sindh on 24th December 2020.
  • Dr Ambreen Salahuddin attended online webinar session onDesigning a Curriculum for Online and Hybrid Classes organized by Harvard Business Publishing Education. Facilitator: Yael Grushka-Cockayne, Visiting Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, on 9th July 2020.
  • Dr Ambreen Salahuddin Attended online webinar session on Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Teaching in Uncertain Times” organized by Magna Publications, Madison. Facilitator: Mays Imad, PhD, Professor and Coordinator, Pima Community College, on 28th April 2020



  •  Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin attended day long consultative session to develop proposals based on vital issues missing in PLGA-2019 and to provide technical support to Political Science Department of Punjab University in order to launch a post graduate diploma, Local Government Study Program, held by SDF, FAFEN and LOGIN-Asia on 15th October 2021.
  • Dr Ambreen Salahuddin attended brainstorming workshop as Gender expert for Curriculum development in women’s entrepreneurship, Sociology and Gender Studies at Karakoram International University, Gilgit, on September 06, 2019.
  • Dr Ambreen Salahuddin attended interactive workshop on “Improving and Maintaining Quality in Higher Education” organized by CTL, UMT. Workshop facilitator: Dr Dildar Hussain, Associate Professor and Head of Marketing Department at Rennes School of Business, France, on 23rd August 2019
  • Dr Ambreen Salahuddin attended meeting as expert at PCSW to discuss potential role and participation of academia and development practitioners in PCSW International Policy Conference 2018 under the project titled “Generating data to advance women’s social and economic well-being in Pakistan 2016-2018”. Held on 29th June 2019.




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