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Dr Asad Ur Rehman

Assistant Professor

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Political Science and International Relations

 : [email protected]     : 3516   

Dr. Asad ur Rehman is a faculty member of DPSIR (Department of political science and IR). He has received his PhD recently from the leading French school of Social Science, EHESS based in Paris. He has been previously worked as a research fellow with UNDP ad latter as a research associate with leading development think tank of Pakistan Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). He has published research reports, working papers and peer reviewed research articles on myriad dimension of public and development policy i.e. poverty alleviation, social citizenship, electoral politics and social science. His doctoral research was on, Engagement Gradients of informal politics in Pakistani Punjab. Building on the work on political sociologists he tried to show how a programmatic-patronage/clientelist dichotomy is not sufficient to explain the political system and its democratic currents in Pakistan. He is working on publishing his thesis in a book form at the moment.

  • Electoral Politics and Voting
  • Gradients of Political Engagement in Pakistan
  • Rurbanization; The urbanization of the Rural in Punjab
  • The political imaginaries and Social Citizenship in Punjab
  • Political Theory and Policy
  • Social Change and Political Development
Name of Organization Designation Start Date End Date
Sustainable Development Policy Institute Project Associate 01-09-2015 31-08-2016
HEC-UNDP Research Fellow 04-01-2013 31-12-2014
Catholic University Lille Adjunct Faculty 09-05-2021 20-10-2021
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
PhD Political Science EHESS, Paris France
  • CEIAS (Centre for Research on India and South Asia) Paris
  • IPPA (International Public Policy Association)
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